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Cleaning the idle hole in a Dellorto SHA carburetor.

There is a very small hole below the emulsion hole on the body of a Dellorto SHA . It becomes plugged over time and if it does, your motor will not idle at all. It will just stall at slow speeds. It is very hard to see and i missed it several times while working on a minarelli V-1 . To clean it , pluck a wire from a wire brush and poke the hole. While you are at it poke the 2 emulsion tube holes. Then spray all 3 with carburetor cleaner and blow all of them out. I use a sports needle from a ball inflator that I cut the tip off with a cut off wheel. It now blows out the tip. Here are pictures of the hole from a thread I created. If someone can embed the pictures i would appreciate it .,4080881