California Moped registration for dummies

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If you recently came into possession of a moped in the state of California that has never been registered or moved to the state and brought a mess of mopeds with you, then this pictorial might be helpful in legally getting the paper and plates you need to keep the police off your back.

Rule one is to never take your moped to the DMV office to get help. The moped is "out of the Norm" to the average DMV frontline worker. No matter what, this person across the counter will insist that you ped is a motorcycle and will (before you know it) register it as such, thus stripping you of all the privileges of one time fees and access to the bike lane.

First thing you do is go to the California DMV website and download and print form REG 230 called
MOTORIZED BICYCLE INSTRUCTIONS/APPLICATION. Or try this link. The link should take you right to the site page and you should be able to just start typing in you information. If not , print it out and write it up. Remember this first set of instructions is for mopeds that have never been registered in California or the registration is over 7 years and has maybe fallen out of the computer.

Look below as to descriptions of the sections on the form labeled with red numbers.

1.These are the vin and engine numbers boxes. Always use the frames stamped or Morgan Plate vin number in both of these boxes. Never use a number from your motor as these get traded out. The frames number is the only way to positively identify a motor vehicle by law. Always have the two boxes match.
2. Nothing goes here because the bike is not in the computer and a plate has not been assigned
3. Check this box since you are applying for a "new" or "original" plate and ID card.
4. You must be able to answer YES to all four of the questions in section "A" to determine if your bike is indeed a motorized bicycle. At least you need to mark them all yes. If you get pulled over with no pedals and a 600cc motor and are sporting a tiny moped tag, well that's just another ticket for improper registration.
5. Next write your name and address in the spot where "Mr. Dick B. Bump" has put his, then skip down to section "D"
and sign your name in the "new owner's signature" position. Date the form, stuff into an envelope with a check or M.O. for $24.00 (as of June 2021) and mail it to the address on the form. In about three weeks you will receive your plate and I.D. registration card. I like to copy the form and carry it with me till my plate comes.

form 230

Pictured below is a California DMV motorized bicycle registration card. This paper and your plate are the only two items California will ever issue you regarding your joke of a motor vehicle. Say you go to buy a ped and the owner has this paper. When the deal is made you then have the seller sign his name in positions 1 and 2 (marked in red) labeled "sellers signature. This is all that the seller needs to sign before he hands the paper to you. The other line in the middle labeled "owner's signature" is for absolving responsibility and has nothing to do with the transfer and can be left blank. If you can get them to sign but not date the form that would be good too. Once dated you have 10 days to file for a transfer of face a fine. I personally have them also sign a preprinted bill of sale just in case shit goes sideways and your forced to go to the DMV you will have the one paper you might not be able to get later.

identification card

So now the filling out of the form goes as shown in the picture below

1 and 2. Seller signs their name
3. Nothing here.
4. Tear along the perforated line and mail the bottom to the DMV with a check or M.O. for $21.00.
5. Wait wait! Before you send it off, write in your name and address in place of Dick Bumps then sign your name at the bottom in the "new owners signature" position.

Actually make a copy of the whole thing before you tear it in half because shit rolls up hill. Plus you will want to carry this with you on your bike till your plate comes.

identification card

There is still the matter of doing a transfer with lost registration card. I will research a little more and then add that scenario.

If you have any questions about this method I suggested, or are having trouble contact Cheetahchrome,26847