Bourbon Bandits

Bourbon Bandits
Louisville, KY
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FoundedSummer 2005
Active within Moped Army2006–2016
Branch captainZack Olson, Jason Elder, Quatto
RallyThunder Road, Whisky Business, Whiskey Business:2, Bombourbon Run 1–3

The Bourbon Bandits are an emeritus branch of the Moped Army located in Louisville, Kentucky. They were admitted on October 29th, 2006 with 15 members, and retired in 2016.

Admission is granted after group vote. Prospective members must own a moped, show a lasting interest in riding said moped, and demonstrate an interest in the group.

Bandits actually really like each other and like hanging out, weekly events include, but are not limited to: Margarita Mondays, Cookout Tuesdays, Weekly Rides on Wednesday, and other random debauchery throughout the rest of the week. Fix it days are pretty much any day a Bandit is alive and breathing. Weekly meetings are informal during the winter months and usually consist of "Bourbon and Video Game Night."


  • April 20–22, 2007: Thunder Road
  • Nov 2–4, 2007: Bombourbon Run II: Private Stock (held in collusion with TBS)
  • April 18–20, 2008: Whiskey Business
  • Sept 7, 2008: Louisville Mini-Rally
  • Nov 7–9, 2008: Bombourbon Run III: No Bourbon Left (held in collusion with TBS)
  • April 17–19 2009: Whiskey Business 2
  • April 16–18 2010: Whiskey Business 3
  • 2011: Whiskey Business 4
  • April 20–22, 2012: Whiskey Business 2012: Get Rich or Die Mayan
  • July 12–14, 2013: Whiskey Business Six

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