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Bing is a German carburetor manufacturer now named BING Power Systems GmbH located in Nuremberg. The company was founded in 1866 and has a tradition of 75 years of carburetor development and production. Over the years BING took over companies like Erich und Grätz, Fischer-Amal, Pallas, Encarwi , FHN. In 2001 the company S.U. ( Skinner Union ) Birmingham was taken over by BING Power Systems GmbH.

Bing carburetors can be found on various moped brands including Batavus, JC Penny, Hercules, Kreidler, Kromag, NSU, Puch, Sachs, Solo, Tomos, Zündapp and others.

Puch Bing Part Numbers

A list of part numbers for Puch Bing carburetors with specific model information and/or a list of stock mopeds they are found on:


Stock on Puch Maxi and Maxi Luxe 1 HP, main jet 52


Stock on Puch Sport MKII and Newport 1 HP, main jet 48


Stock on Puch Maxi 1.5 HP, main jet 60


Stock on Puch Maxi Luxe 1.5 HP, main jet 48


Stock on Puch Sport MKII and Newport 1.5 HP, main jet 50


Stock on Puch Maxi 2 HP, main jet 64


Stock on Puch Maxi Luxe 2 HP, main jet 58


Stock on Puch Sport MKII and Newport 2 HP, main jet 56


Stock on Puch Magnum XK and MK II 1 HP, main jet 50


Stock on Puch Magnum XK 1.5 HP, main jet 50


Stock on Puch Magnum MKII 1.5 HP, main jet 48


Stock on Puch Magnum XK 2 HP, main jet 64


Stock on Puch Magnum MKII 2 HP, main jet 60


Sachs Bing Part Numbers

85/10/101 A

Stock on restricted 25mph Sachs models, generally accompanied by a small exhaust header pipe. Main jet #50

85/12/101 A

Stock on nearly all Sachs 504 and 505 motors; Westlake, Balboa, Hercules, etc. Main jet #52

85/12/104 A

Stock on certain 505 D cylinders; Generally Balboa's; rare. Known for its lack of throttle needle, and improved performance. Main jet #58

85/13/101 A

Infamous for existing, but virtually unheard of on U.S. market bikes. Extremely rare.

Solo Bing Carburetor


1/10/112 Type SRB

This is the only carburetor used on the US imported Solo's. It has both a spin off bowl and slide cover. similar to some "race style" motorcycle carburetors. It's small 10mm bore limits it's usefulness for performance applications. Theoretically it could be bored to a 14mm, although the slide it self is only 14.5mm and leakage of air around the slide would be likely.

Part Numbers

Stock Main Jet #44-021/58

This is the same jet as the one used on the common Puch bing carburetor. An entire range of larger jets are available.

Stock Needle #46-031

This is the only needle produced for this carb.

Stock Needle Jet ## 45-141/2.12

A range of sizes are still available.

Bing (Puch) Carburator Diagram


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