Best of (Forums)

Whether it be lulz, OMG's, facepalming, flaming, or giving mad props, this page is for the best threads from the forums. Link 'em up, and summarize in a sentence if you can.

"How do I order from 1977 mopeds?"
Cball says "Suck it, slut"
What happens when 15-year-olds from NJ try to port things.
Yes, you remove the rev limiter -- it's right by your muffler belt...
The "types" of mopdedders
Some guy tries to sell an apparently stolen (?) moped.
Bad websites and copyrights and idiocy, oh my!
This is what happens when people who don't understand moped culture try to make a buck off of it. (You really need to scroll about 2/3 of the way down this thread for maximum hilarity).
Lots of great Puch info and moped porn.