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Bad Buyers Page: This page is for bad buyers only. Do not put good seller or bad seller info on this page.

This page was created to provide some background information on people with whom you may be interested in conducting business. You may contribute to it by posting your buying experience with a particular person.

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  • Comments:
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Bad Buyers

Will Bennet

  • AKA: Dark Stanley / bunsen - [1]
  • Email:
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • Comments:
    • I sold Will a sha 16.16 carb and intake for $50 shipped. I stated to him that I would like him to pay the paypal fees, or send as a gift. I have never had someone unhappy on MA in over 4 years. I sent the carb on 12/4/13. He messages me on Saturday, 12/27/13. He states the intake is warped, and cracked. I did modify it, and offered to unpack it and send pics but it would delay the shipping a bit. He did not respond, so I sent it. Almost a month goes by he says he is filing a paypal claim, and unhappy that the intake is cracked. I believe the intake has casting marks on it, not cracks, I ran this for literally thousands of miles on my maxi 65 mk. I offered to split the cost of a new intake, or refund him his money. Intstead he posts here and makes me look like I ripped him off. DO NOT do business with him. He has been very disrespectful and called me a liar.

  • in response to this calim.

He shipped me the carb and intake without me agreeing to purchasing them, after telling me that he shipped the item i decided to be a good guy and pay him, assuming that he would hold true to is word wen he told me " i sent it off this morning, if you don't like it i'm sure we can work something out" so now i am looking at an intake which has been made worthless by whoever modded it as well as being cracked on the flange where the carb mounts... the crack has made it mis shaped to the point where the even with a new spacer, the carb does not attach tightly to the intake. all i asked is that he covered the return shipping on this item seeing as i had never agreed to purchase it in the first place. he offered to split a new intake with me ( the cost of which would cover the return shipping) not interested in a split, i just want to ship him back his broken junk at his cost and get my money back, again i would like to re itterate that I HAD NOT AGREED TO PURCHASE THIS ITEM WHEN HE SHIPPED IT TO ME! HAD HE SENT A PHOTO I WOULD NOT HAVE PURCHASED THE CARB AND INTAKE IN THE CONDITION THE ARE IN.

  • sellers responce: The item was paid for before I shipped it, and was pictured (albeit not the best picture) in the original ad. I did not ship this before he paid for it. Here we have a cry baby that didnt get something brand new for 1/2 price. The carb alone was well worth what he paid. I offered to work with him he is rude and refused. I would have gladly covered the shipping if he had not waited almost a month to tell me there was an issue. He claims he "waited o open the box"... I dont buy it. I bet he broke it, or modified it further. Why wait to open a box if you need a $15 intake so bad? DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH WILL BENNET... he will find something to complain about and threaten you with a paypal claim if you refuse to meet his demands!!!


Brandon Savoie

  • AKA: Savoie / Savwha - savoie
  • Email:
  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Comments:
    • Sold this guy "Savwha" a set of MB5 rims, ALL hardware, brand new tires, brand new tubes, the disc rotor, and shipped it to Canada for him. Condition of the front rim was listed as "Both rims appear to be pretty true, no guarantees. I've used the front for an extended time and it has a slight untrue spot, not enough to matter. Front rim needs to be re-painted as well, see photos." Four hi-res photos were posted of the front rim. The buyer got the parts, and complained the front rim was "unusable due to 1/2" of wobble". I have used the rim for many months, and never had an issue due to the slight untrueness, and do not feel it was 1/2" of wobble. When telling the buyer that he should have asked for more pictures, and asked specifically about what he was buying, all he had to say was "The rim you sent me is not in usable condition." and, "Whatever, if anyone asks me I wont have nice things to say." Additionally, shipping was $138, more than I quoted him, so he got the parts cheaper than what he paid. -Sarrus25
  • Notes: Original Post With Photos - [2]
  • Note: savoie has attempted to censor this page to remove claims against himself.

Evgene Drovetski

  • AKA: D E
  • Email:
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Comments:
    • Sold him a complete disc brake front end. He opens a claim and gets his money back and he has my front end. I've never had a problem with PayPal..ever. Now I'm in negative because of this impatient asshole lying sack of shit. Look at this comment he left in the PayPal dispute comments:

"I ordered a Moped front end, the disk break a mag wheel and shocks. This has not been shipped to me. At the same time I ordered an item from Netherlands. This Item I already got, but yet I didn't get an item from continental US. Please refund this purchase and ban the user, they are using a hacked account, have not responded to me since the payment was issued and are not trustworthy."

Are you fucking serious?

  • 6/28/14 -- He has either left moped army or opened a different account. I will update when I find him again.

- Weak-Ends TJ

Tom Petrie

  • AKA: Tommyboy970
  • Email:
  • Location: Loveland, CO
  • Comments:
    • Sold him an aftermarket carb for Honda Express. He claimed he could only get it to run if he left choke on. He returned it and I gave him a full refund. I later resold the same carb to another buyer with no issues. Despite that, he claimed carb was defective and didn't work as it should. Despite receiving full refund, he left negative feedback. He claimed he had some experience with carbs but that doesn't appear to be the case. Avoid him like the plague.

Donald Perry

  • AKA: 883r-don Ebay User ID 883r-don
  • Email:
  • Location: Gladstone, Illinois
  • Comments:
    • Sold him a petcock that works with Yamaha qt50. He left me negative feedback on ebay claiming that the petcock didn't look like one in my listing, it looked cheap and that the petcock in my listing looked like an OEM petcock. Problem is my listing never indicated that I was selling an OEM petcock. Instead, I clearly indicated that I was selling an aftermarket petcock. I received a new batch of petcocks from treatland instead of from China and sent him one of those. He never attempted to install it or see if it works before leaving negative feedback and never contacted me. If anything, the petcock I sent was better than what was listed. What a jerk! You can't please these asses.

Matt Spadaro

  • AKA: Matt Spad - ebay user name mspa2602
  • Email:
  • Location: 145 55th Avenue SW Vero Beach FL 32968
  • Comments:
    • sold him a carburetor. He was too inexperienced to realize to tighten the drain screw in order to stop it from leaking gas out the drain hose. He blamed me and claimed the carb was defective. Filed a PayPal claim and only returned the float bowl and not the entire carburetor. Punk, chump and sucker. Don't deal with this teenage clown.

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