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Bad Buyers Page: This page is for bad buyers only. Do not put good seller or bad seller info on this page.

This page was created to provide some background information on people with whom you may be interested in conducting business. You may contribute to it by posting your buying experience with a particular person.

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Bad Buyers

Brandon Savoie

  • AKA: Savoie / Savwha [1]
  • Email:
  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Comments:
    • Sold this guy "Savwha" a set of MB5 rims, ALL hardware, brand new tires, brand new tubes, the disc rotor, and shipped it to Canada for him. Condition of the front rim was listed as "Both rims appear to be pretty true, no guarantees. I've used the front for an extended time and it has a slight untrue spot, not enough to matter. Front rim needs to be re-painted as well, see photos." Four hi-res photos were posted of the front rim. The buyer got the parts, and complained the front rim was "unusable due to 1/2" of wobble". I have used the rim for many months, and never had an issue due to the slight untrueness, and do not feel it was 1/2" of wobble. When telling the buyer that he should have asked for more pictures, and asked specifically about what he was buying, all he had to say was "The rim you sent me is not in usable condition." and, "Whatever, if anyone asks me I wont have nice things to say." Additionally, shipping was $138, more than I quoted him, so he got the parts cheaper than what he paid.

-Sarrus25 [2]

  • Notes: Original Post With Photos - [3]