Carburetor originally Made in England, and for a long time now officially produced in Spain by Arreche. Try searching both names when looking for parts and info

- They have a “slow jet”, main jet, adjustable needle, mixture screw, and slide adjustment screw.

- The 215 and 217 commonly used on mopeds have screw on tops.

- A cool feature for limited space applications is that the float bowl screws thread into the bowl from the top side of the carb. So you can loosen them from the top of the carb and slide the bowl out from under it. Useful on bikes with forward facing intakes like Minarelli for example.

- You can use a stock bing needle on the top notch if you want a leaner needle and can’t find one.

- SHA filters and air boxes will fit over the stock screw on filter. The stock filter is two mesh screens with foam in the middle held into the filter housing with a snap ring. You can change foam types or add/ remove screens as desired. If you want to use any of the numerous filters or boxes for SHA the outer diameter of this housing is the same diameter.

- Moped Division has pull chokes for the 215 and 217 commonly used on mopeds.

- There are many other versions commonly used on scooters that take different parts. Most use the same float bowl if it is square.

- Official Arreche catalogue/parts list (Spanish)ÁLOGO-CARBURADORES-ARRECHE.pdf

- you can get most parts for all Amal carbs from racing planet. Shipping takes about two weeks.

The slide screw is going to be the screw up and to the right. Make sure it's screwed out so that the slide isn't up too far - but don't remove it and make sure it's screwed far enough in so it doesn't fall out.

If you remove the airfilter and look inside the carb, you'll see the slide. Adjust the slide base setting (the screw) until screwing the screw out doesn't affect the slide height - once the screw stops lowering the slide - STOP screwing it out. Screw it back in a half turn and the slide should go up just a little.

Your throttle slide should be nearly touching the carb floor.

As for idling - Amal carbs have an idle mixture circuit as well. The amal has a "circuit" (or passageway) to change the fuel mixture at idle and throughout the range of slide positions.

This screw is to the bottom left. Screwing it in will make it leaner, and screwing it out will make it richer.