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This is a make-it-as-you-go page. I'm starting from memory, so if you find mistakes, help me out.


Cylinder Studs: M7x120mm

Case Bolts:

Mount Bolts: Two M6 x 120mm and one M6 x 30mm


Rear Wheel Bolts: 10mm x 14mm 1.5 thread

Variator and Clutch

Weights: 14mm x 14mm

Variator Nut: 24mm or 17mm

Clutch Retaining Nut:

Clutch Assembly Nut: 24mm

Frame Rear Shock Nut: 17mm nut

Wheels Front Wheel: 17mm nut

Freewheel nut: 36mm

Brakes plate 105mm (The brake plates on both Grande/Bravo front wheels are 105mm, A ciao brake plate is the same 105mm the only difference is where the front end fits into the brake plate. On numerous occasions I’ve used Ciao wheels on Grandes but I did have to use the Grande brake plate. The brakes plates internally are the same the only difference, as I stated earlier, are the exterior front end clips - Ninja)