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Candi Wren


No Fort Myers, FL

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  • 1979 Tomos Sport
  • 1986 Tomos A-3 Bullet
  • 1976 Cimatti City Bike
Ghost Planet Militia
Fort Myers, Florida (Fort Myers, FL, Indianapolis, IN, Louisville, KY!!!).

I dig mopeds, ska, skateboards, rockabilly, ufos, hot rods, painting, cartoons, dogs, cryptozoology.

I have a cursed '86 blue bullet, pictured below. It's my first moped love, and i'm still not convinced that it wasn't hand-stamped by satan himself. I also have a neato stock '76 City Bike. Ready for an 80 and a pipe!
And a super-secret ultra-awesome Maxi project in the works??? Hmmm!
I love riding two-up.
And blasting.

Whiskey Biz II '09 (KY)
Motion Sick Left For Dead '09 (IN)
Brodeo '09 (IN)
Inverness '10 (FL)
Whiskey Biz III '10 (KY)
Blast Man Standing '10 (FL)
Rumrunners Rally '10 (FL)
Hells Satans '10
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