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Mark Vousden


Hastings (east Sussex), United Kingdom


  • 1968 Raleigh Wisp
  • 1965 Raleigh Ultramatic
  • 1965 Raleigh Ultramatic
  • 1964 Raleigh Super 50
  • 1973 Ariel 3
  • 1970 Ariel 3
  • 1970 Ariel 3
Not much to tell really, I was (am) an aircooled VW fanatic until lack of garage, having a mortgage/no cash put that on hold... One day I found an old Mobylette 50V at a bootfair for £15, then a friend offered a tired 1965 Raleigh RM8,ostensibly for spares to restore the former... Needless to say they both got rebuilt & it snowballed from there! I'm now a NACC member, I've owned quite a few Raleighs & Moby's... and then three homeless Ariel 3's kind of arrived (well, thats what I tell the missus) & I got hooked on them!
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