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Michael Gawel


  • 1989 Yamaha

Hi my name is michael gawel, i live in warren michigan and i own a 1989 yamaha zuma pearl white/blue and I love to go fast. My state law requires a moped/operators liscense and says that yo must be 15 or have a drivers liscence. WELL, i do not follow any of the above, i am 14 and have already been caught once on my yamaha razz which would barely hit 30, now i have a zuma that will got about 45 with incredible acceleration. I usually ride around with my homie andre stelczyk who is also on this website. he is also 14 and has a 2002 zuma which at the time goes around 50 with a exaust pipe and trans mods, but when hes finished he will do about 65. My mods are, removed trans restrictor, light weight speed variator along with light roller weights and a high performance kevlar belt. I love my zuma and i love riding it.

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