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  • 1978 Vespa Grande
  • 1976 Vespa Ciao
  • 1978 Vespa Bravo
  • 1999 Kinetic TFR
  • 1978 Honda Hobbit
I'm a pretty basic guy; easy to agree with, always eager to ask questions and learn(not necessarily in that order), and even MORE eager to put what I've learned to work.

I decided to buy a moped as a hobby/daily rider. Also, the thought of doing all my own work and learning more about engines is HIGHLY exciting! And now, months and months later, it seems I was pretty correct! The only thing i didn't really count on was what to do when i started buying my 2nd, 3rd, and so forth mopeds...

'99 TFR - My first moped, cleaned her up nice. Polini 64cc, Malossi reed case, 13.13, mazzu crank. Maybe some fresh paints will be in the future, perhaps some other stuff.
-Actually, gimme all that shit. It's grande time. Later i'll build this again, though...kinetic did me quite well.

'78 hobbit - found a deal and took it. Then i sold it, to fund some Kinetic badassery.

'78? Bravo - No idea if that's the year or not, maybe i should check? It's pretty rusty, for sure. Took all it's variator stuff for my TFR, maybe i'll sell the engine, maybe i'll practice taking apart vespa engines? Currently cleaning up the frame for a top tank conversion, then probably taking kinetic stuff over here for a while until i build another engine.
-Actually, my woman has shown more interest in this than the ciao. No hair off my nose, right?
--Actually, it seems I like this more than anything. Took all the stuff off my grande and stuck it on here, SO MUCH FUN. Also put a 19mm carb and 73cc malossi kit. Current daily rider.

'78 Grande - Got this shit for FREE. that's right, FREE. Thanks, Ransome! welded a crossbar, took all the eletronics/engine parts from the kinetic, added a gas tank. Badass.
-currently sitting around. Once i get around to it, i'll some how mount a random garelli NOI i have laying around onto it.

'76 ciao - all stock, and VARIATED. so stoked....gonna clean it up, maybe give a little more bite, and let my woman putt around on it. OR use it for a broken-down ped tower...because it totally has a seat meant for two.
-once i clean this one up...maybe give her a few better'll be up for sale. But with a solo seat. And maybe with some mags, too?
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