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I just bought this real nice moped at auction for $35. It has good compression and the carb needs to be cleaned. I should have it running again by this weekend.In my 62 years this is the 3rd moped I have owned. The first one I owned I used to drive it every weekend from New London, Conn to Rye, New Hampshire. That was in 1962. The trip on the average took me a little over 6 hours to make. I was in the Navy then and owning a moped was the best thing ever. I got to know a lot of the back roads where Moped riding was not restricted.
I figure with a little modification to the backside of the moped I can put a carrier on that is a lot better than the flat surface that is there now.
Now the weather is getting warmer and summer is aproaching there many of those least traveled roads to explore.

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