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  • 1971 Motobecane Mobylette
  • 1983 Kreidler

I have been a moped owner for fifteen years now, and I love it. I was also fortunate enougth to stumble upon a former dealer's inventory, and have hundreds of NEW, OLD STOCK PARTS AVAILABLE! Most of my parts will be for MOTOBECANE, CADY, MOBYLETTE, MOBY, and SCORPION. Please feel free to contact me for that special part, and I will be happy to see if we have it available. Items available include headlights, taillights, mufflers, chains, forks, cables, stands, heads, cranks, brakes, clamps, boots, springs, wheels, tires, spokes and much more! I'm planning on keeping 1 or 2 of everything for myself, in case I would ever need the part for my bike. Drop me a note!
1/14/2005 Just bought a KREIDLER MOPED today on Ebay. Need to go to Madison, WI to pick it up. Pic is now posted.

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