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  • 1985 Garelli VIP 2V
Total, total, total, totally, total, total, total providence. I am walking home, I find myself on a street I am rarely on ... ... And look what I obtain for a mere $50. - What is it? - Oh, this would be an 2-speed bike...of the motorized variety. I noticed it in a neighbor's yard, and I inquired as to its availability. They had four of them. So I made a cash offer. Fifty dollars. They acquiesced. They threw in this black checkered racing helmet. Even hoisted it over the fence for me, which I found to be very neighborly.

1985 Garelli VIP-N 2 Speed, Green. Some brown, or, uh, rust coloration. Just shy of 20,000 miles with a broken odometer, Vintage NOS 65cc Proma Avionic kit, 19mm PHBG carb, 19mm Polini bendy intake, Jamarcol Fuego pipe on stock header, Malossi E8 filter, brakes good - tires fair

UPDATE: status broken, seized bottom end RIP Garelli 1985-2014? - Inshallah. #MopedLife
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