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  • 1985 Honda Gyro
  • 1985 Honda Gyro

I'm probably the old man, I'm 54, still a little crazy and love to have fun. I've rode Harleys the past 25 yrs. but found this little GYRO leaning against a barn where I was looking at El Caminos. I asked Bud what the hell was that, he didn't and either did I. I gave him $20.00 and threw it in the back of my PU. I went back the next day thinking I didn't find all the pieces, I was sure their was 2 braces missing to keep it from shifting side to side, then my education began. I'm about 1/2 way done restoring and rebuilding the motor, I'll plaqy with it for awhile then probably sell it. ( such tiny piston )

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