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Jim Jones


Midland, MI

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  • 1980 Pacer Super Sport
  • 1978 Puch Magnum
  • 2018 Tomos Sprint
Been here since 2008
Only my current Stable is listed.

I Regret EveryThing I Got Rid Of
Man Have The "Values" Went Up !

My 2018 Tomos Sprint is my Daily Driver.

Old Stable + WhatEver I Can't Remember
Silver Magnum
Black Magnum
Pink Mag X
Black Tomos TT
White Tomos
Black Sprint
Orange Tomos
Red Tomos Race Bike
Black Pryer Trike
Naked Maxi
Blue Maxi
Gold Maxi
Red Maxi
Blue Korado
Red Hobbit
Orange Gloria
Silver Garelli
Black 5 Star General
Red Motron
Tomos Silver Bullet

Never Twist The Throttle With Your Ego
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