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Harold Gee


New Orleans, LA


  • 1978 Puch
  • 1980 Kawasaki
I still have a non-running Puch. Sold my other ones to moped army members. But I've been enjoying riding around on my bicycle...and I no longer even have a drivers license. My primary bicycle is a cargo bike...a Surly Big Dummy and sometimes I flirt with the idea of getting an electric motor for it. That wouldn't be a moped, but it's sorta in the same mentality. I rode a Honda Helix (250cc scooter) for many years, and that was a nice comfortable ride for long distance touring, but overkill for getting around town. I rode across America on that machine. I've had many Garelli's, which I loved for their handling, especially the single speed models. I rode a Yamahopper for awhile, a General 5 star, several Puch's, an original 1963 Honda 50, a Kawasaki AR80 and a 90cc Honda Passport. Mostly I've had Puchs & Garellis. The picture of me on the Garelli was taken in 1984.
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