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I got bit by the moped bug 3 years ago with the purchase of a red 1979 Vespa Ciao. Paint was in great shape, had 4 rearview mirrors, nice seat, paid $125 bucks. My neighbor (who owns a motorcycle shop here in town) saw me working on the ciao, and started a conversation that ended with my second purchase, a 1979 Vespa P200. It had been laid over AND shot (I'm leaving the bullet holes for character, and found one of the slugs in the oil tank), the headset was broken, but the bike was complete. Paid $100 bucks! Moped #2 is another Vespa Ciao, 1978, that I found sitting in the corner of someones yard. It had been sitting outside for at least 3 or 4 years, picked it up for $60 bucks, thinking I could use it as a parts bike. Imagine my surprise when the damn thing started after an hour of cleaning and adjusting! I then bought a 1980 Honda passport C70 for $450, which is in GREAT shape, had less than 1400 miles on it when I bought it. Last november, I convinced my friend to sell me his 1977 Vespa Bravo Deluxe, I made him feel bad about it sitting in his yard under a tarp when someone like me could get some enjoyment and experience on it. Paid $175 (what a steal!). I am currently in the acquisition of 4 other mopeds, but they aren't technically mine yet.
Aside from mopeds and scooters, i love Star Wars, listening to records and watching DVD's.

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