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I like to play around with mopeds, I think they are fun to mess with. This is my fourth and fith moped I have. I started out with building a mini bike with $90 in my pocket then I bought a 49cc gas scooter for $350 I played around with it for couple of months and it broked down... because its made in China.... For the last year I got 3 mopeds, 1980 102SP Peugeot for free, I sold it on E-Bay for parts, 1978 Puch MK11 Sport for $15, I fixed it up running good!
1977 Honda Express for $5, fixed up, got it running in 5 minutes after bought it. Planning to buy more peds for cheap rebuilt them sell them, buy something else. I am 14 1/2 and I love mopeds... Especially European!!!