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  • 1952 Whizzer
  • 1950 Whizzer
  • 1947 Whizzer
  • 1973 Mosquito Baby
  • 1971 Mosquito Baby
  • 1952 Mosquito 38B
  • 1966 Legnano

I love motorized bicycles! I have added a 1971 Garelli Baby Mosquito engine to a 1955 Rudge Whitworth 3 speed bicycle. I also added a 1973 Garelli Baby Mosquito engine to a 1969 Raleigh Sports 3 speed bicycle. Additionally, I have a factory built 1966 Garelli Mosquito engine mounted on a 20" Legnano folding bike, that I am restoring. I am hopeful to find and purchase a 1974 Garelli Baby Mosquito engine to add to a 1966 Raleigh Sports bicycle, which I already have.

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