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  • 1987 Suzuki FA50 Shuttle
  • 1987 Suzuki FA50

I own 2 87' FA50's. One with the upgrades listed below (Purple/Periwinkle), the other with the same upgrades along with a 45mm (60-69cc) piston kit (Black & Red).

I continuously look for upgrades, specifically with the low-end, noped power. Looking to work the trans soon, along with a carb upgrade and hopfully new reeds and intake.

If anyone else has one of these beauties and would like to help me mod out my ped, please e-mail me with suggestions/experiences with these bikes!

Love this community, I've learned so much here.

- upjet 92 main, 17.5 pilot
- Simonini Exhaust
- Slotted brakes
- NR 77 Front and Rear Tires
(They say "Front Only" on the tires... but pish-posh i say)

(Photo Previous to Upgrades... New Photo coming soon)

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