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  • 1985 Yamaha QT50 Yamahopper

I am a retired large body aircraft engineer I have a 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 4dr sedan with a 352 power plant which I have beefed up quite a bit otherwise the car is stock it is my pride and joy. I bought this moped 27 years ago and shortly after that it was stolen and when it was recovered it was a real mess with lots of parts missing so I put it out back for23 years and when I moved 5 mths ago I decided I would keep it and try to restore it and believe it or not I kicked it over and every thing moved and just this morning I kicked it over and had spark so I am getting close to see if it will run and when that is completed I will carry on and work away at the rest until finished, probably in the spring as I want to take it with me on our 5th wheel trailer to who knows where, small house but a very big yard. Thanks and regards/bill

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