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  • 1978 Sachs
  • 1978 Puch Maxi Luxe
  • 1982 Honda Urban Express Deluxe NU50M
  • 1964 Bridgestone
I purchased my first moped in June of 2007, and turned 50 in August 2007. The bike I am currently working on is the 1964 Bridgestone 7. My 2 Honda's, Puch and Sachs all run, and look great. I am having a blast riding, repairing, and restoring these mopeds. I am not mechanically inclined, so I am learning as I go, please be patient with me. This is a great site!

I purchased the 2 Puch's from the same person.
The Green Puch pictured below now has the black seat, and I put the brown seat on my Puch Newport. This Green Puch came to me with rust on all the chrome, a bird nest in the hole where the air filter goes, the rear tire and rim off, both chains rusted, and all the cables and some wires disconnected. This bike hadn't run for 16 years, after cleaning the carb, new gas line and gas valve, it started on the first kick of the pedals! It's a Maxi Luxe 2hp High Torque.

Thanks for the help!
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