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  • 1976 Batavus Starflite HS

I worked at a toy store in 1976/77. We sold Batavus mopeds, over 200 one year if memory serves me. I always had a motorcycle, never moped. I have had an appreciation for simple things, new or vintage,and mopeds are nothing if not simple. When I was gifted a nice 1976 starflite I decided to keep it. Gonna ride it too. I am a motorcycle tech at a small shop in the Adirondacks. We work on all sorts of small engines so I have seen many, mostly Asian, over the years. This Batavus is at the other end of the size spectrum from my usual rides but I think it is as much fun, (way more fun per horsepower) as my other rides. 55 years old and my first moped.

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