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  • 1979 Puch Maxi
  • 1978 Puch Maxi
I'm still looking for my STOLEN ped from last Fall...
a Silver Maxi with distinct components (see pic below)

- chrome EBR fork
- Tecno estoril pipe
- cafe bars
- uniquely modified original Puch seat
- mag wheels (front wheel removed when stolen)

Could be in greater Chicagoland and probably modified since..
I let a negligent friend borrow it and he allowed it to get stolen because he is very irresponsible. Any info, please let me know.

If you bought it from the shady SOB's that stole it, do the right thing and let me know so I can work something out with you. Then tell me who the people are so I can introduce them to my 38 long.

Thanks to those who kept an eye out for her. I fully restored this thing when I bought it 2 years ago in Georgia and we all know the time and dedication that goes into these projects.

In the meantime, got my new project, a '78 Maxi.
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