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Tallahassee, FL

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  • 2005 Tomos Targa LX
My Name is Alan and I have been riding Since I was 15. I have owned 3 mopeds and 1 moped looking MC so far including: a 1980 Puch Newport II, A 1992 Tomos Golden Bullet TTLX, a 2000 Tomos Targa LX, And now I own a Yellow 2005 Tomos Targa LX. I enjoy the finer things in life... like holding up traffic. LOL

Catch me if you can!!

Mods to bike so far:
Adjustable aftermarket rear Shocks
Turn Signals from the LTD LX
27 tooth front sprocket
Stocking air filter
Modified reedvalve upgrade
Bi-Turbo Exahust
NGK B7HVX Racing Spark Plug
#66 Jet
A little bit of a port job on the exhaust
40 psi on tires was sugested

On a cool day I hit 45mph full throtle & crouching!

Update..I Have moved to Tallahassee Florida & am looking for a few riders :)

Riding is what I live for.. Riding IS what gives me life! Swarming is a way to express my views.

Below is a old pic of the 2005 Targa LX moped looking motorcycle(has a few battle scars now)... Sweet.
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