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Louisville, KY

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  • 1979 Puch Maxi II
Former founding member of the Lafayetis.
Current loner in Louisville.
You probably already hate me.

The Dead Peds - R.I.P. You A New One/Your Face Off/From Your Mother's Arms
Circle City Chiefs (2011)
The Bourbon Bandits - WizBiz 6 & 7
Mosquito Fleet - Blood Drive 8
KZoo BBQ 17
CBBG 2 thru 4
Radium City Presents: Don't Drink The Water
The Ruffians - Locked Up in the Lou
The Lafayetis - Let's Get Ready 2 Bumble, Bumble2Bumble, D.A.R.E. To Rally
Salute Your Ports 1 & 2
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