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Steven Wood

Lincoln, NE


  • 1980 Puch Maxi Free Spirit
  • 1978 Honda Express NC50


I am a Project Manager, an office application and business soft-skills instructor, and website developer for New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Lincoln and Omaha.

I love exploring local area lakes with my fishing gear strategically placed in my moped saddlepacks. My mopeds take me anywhere I wish to go and do the load cerrying for me.

My orange 78 Express is in mint condition, having been garaged its entire life; Only 1500 miles with 99% original parts!

My Puch Maxi Free Spirit (carried originally by Sears) hauls major butt! Given the proper incentive of 110 octane racing fuel, this baby does 45 mph easy. Regular top end is an impressive 35mph on flat ground.

I have found that the synthetic racing oils (2-stroke) are worth the exprense for the increase in horse-power, reduction in tail exhaust, and improvement in top-end.

My next two mules will be Honda Express NC-50 or Yamaha QT. These beasts are so low-centered and manuverable, I can't stop riding them.

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