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Lobo - Patrick Groves

Fort Mcmurray, Canada

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  • 2006 Tomos Arrow
Suitcase Jefferson - aka Lobo

A Furry on a Moped is a very dangerous combination.


I'm just a skinny, scruffy dude from northern Canada - alone in my little, isolated city.

I'm a Fourth Class Power Engineer... so that means I have lots of cash to BUY YOUR MOPEDS IF YOU'RE WILLING TO SHIP 'EM TO ME.

Seriously. I'll pay you well for a decent 'ped... if you can get it to me.

At the moment, I have a Love / Hate relationship with my current moped.

I Love my lil' Arrow... but let's face it - it's not really a moped. Sure, it's got pedals... but it's also got that phony-pedal-kickstart, oil injection, scooter tires, and clocks in at an overweight 140lbs. That's more than I weigh!! :/

I CRAVE A REAL MOPED. Please help me... by letting me give you a wad of cash.
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