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Rob Kaufman

Norcross, GA

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  • 1978 Vespa Ciao
  • 1980 Honda PA50
  • 1978 Honda Hobbit
  • 1978 Honda Express NC50

My name is Rob Kaufman - I live in Norcross, GA.

I've been facinated with mopeds, ever since my dad took me to Sweden in 1972, and I saw people riding every conceivable type of moped and scooter on the planet. I rode a Vespa Ciao all during college in the early '80's - which, by the way I've recently rescued from my mother's garage in Wisconsin, and gotten back into ride-able condition.

Recently I've gone on a moped acquisition kick on current total is 4 (plus 2 scooters and a mini bike!). All 4 currently run - and get into better shape slowly almost evrey weekend.

The picture I've uploaded is my "everyday" neighborhood rider, recently back from a week in Florida, where I put mega-

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