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  • 1977 Bianchi Bianchimatic
Been thinking about getting into mopeds for about 10 years.

Been thinking seriously about getting into mopeds for about 4 years - since I sold my V-8 Dodge Ram guzzler and got a Yaris....first thought was "mileage is awesome" second thought was "I can do better"

Decided first moped needed to be a rebuild - wanted to be self-taught, and what better than a tear down.

Kept an eye out on CL, Freecycle and classifieds for almost 2 years - came close to a few. Finally settled on the Bianchimatic. Price was right. It wasn't running, but low mileage and terrific condition. Plus owner didn't have any idea about peds, so feeling good.

1 month in and I'm close to the first
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