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  • 1978 Puch Maxi Sport MKII
  • 1977 Puch Maxi S
  • 1976 Motobecane 40T
I'm THAT guy.

You know the one, the guy who spent too much on that moped. Never mind that it is in excellent shape, runs like new, and needs nothing. Shoot, the ped even has the air pump and toolkit from 1978.

Instead they will buy one that is cheap, but has been messed with. One that is held together with haywire and duct tape. They can buy parts, but boy those things add up quick.

You know me, I'm That guy, out on the road on the ped that I paid too much for. but the other guy is sitting in the shed trying to figure where all the time and money went and why this blasted thing won't run.

Well, I was that guy, until I bought this moby 40T for $25. Now its time for me to try and be the other guy as well...
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