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Tom Auld


London, United Kingdom

hi i'm Tom, 38yo scotsman living in london. I grew up in France,and had a vespa ciao 24 years ago. It was ace! polini lc kit,sito expansion pipe,13/13 carb,disc brake and more chrome plating than u could shake a stick at!
I work as a motorcycle mechanic,and recently started at a shop called scooterworks/uk. While tidying the workshop the other day,i came across a '80 ciao px in need of a fair amount of tlc.When I asked my boss about it he showed me a box containing cast wheels,2 engines,front dampers, polini kit with damaged piston,and basically said help yourself!
so i'm gonna try to relive my mispent youth,and put this thing back on the road. Trouble is ciaos were never popular in the uk,so finding interesting parts is gonna be tricky.
I'll post some pics soon ciao
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