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Bill Snow

Lynchburg, VA

Retired, have Whizzer with very strong rebuilt modified engine. Black Yamaha 200Z scooter and two motorized bicycles. One is a classic Schwinn Black Phantom with a highly polished MX-5 engine. the other is a schiwnn cruiser with a Very reliable Golden Eagle engine. Will be adding a Tomos top tank model moped and maybe others that I may find interesting. I have owned everything from a Doodle Bug to a couple Harleys. Owned, restored, and flew several small aircraft. Have been married 50 years or as my wife puts it, " 50 long years".

Now days, simple, freedom from a lot of regulations and fun is what I now enjoy and that spells quality mopeds and motorized bicycles.

I live in Lynchburg Virgina. Have seen no mopeds here so no one to ride with but there fun anyway.

Bill Snow

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