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Roseburg, OR

My grandsons were given a Penney Pinto over a year ago and never got it started. It is now in my garage waiting for me to perform magic on it. It couldn't be pedaled because both were pulled tight by the adjusters. I found by looking at a picture on this site that there is an idler wheel on the pedal chain. The tensioner is still there, but the wheel is gone. Could someone please answer some questions for me? Where can I get an idler wheel. Will the part on a 10 speed derallier work ok? Is there supposed to be a battery on this bike? If so, where? There is a choke rod on the carb. Is up, choke on? There is a kill button on the handle bars. Is there also an ignition switch that I haven't found? I see that it says type F trans fluid in the trans. Do you fill the trans to the top of the hole? And lastly, how do you start these things? I have no manual or I wouldn't be asking these questions. Is there one online somewhere? I lied, that was one more question. I hope to get some answers from you enthusiasts, thanks in advance. Slippery

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