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Simon Picard


Montreal, Canada

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  • 1970 Honda Cub
  • 1987 Jawa 210
  • 1974 Puch Maxi S
  • 1983 Suzuki FA50
started with three jawa mopeds in 2002, but i sold them in 2007. then got nostalgic about moped, I had nothing to play with since i sold my mopeds. so i first bought a honda pa-50 engine complete with the wheel and restored it, now it is sitting in my basement. then i get crazy about moped so I bought a rizzato califfo and a jawa 210, sold the rizzato, that was a bad move cause it was really nice. then bought 2 puch maxi s with title. after that found a suzuki fa-50 really cheap so i bought it. then i was looking for my dream moped something like a honda cub 1964 to 1976, i recently found it a honda cub 50 3 speed 1970, in perfect condition not mint but close to it. photo are comming up.

*2010 update*

now i still have the puch maxi S, i have runned it for the last 3 years, i have been working on my honda cub last summer, i have put a 110cc 4-speed in it, so i reach 105-110 kmh with it, complete 12 volts rewiring, changed the exhaust, new lights.... i have done a 900 km ride with it, what a perfect ride!!!

still have the suzuki FA-50 in my basement, sold all my jawa parts, looking to sell a laura engine from an old solex tenor, prob. 1970 - 1973.

*2011 update*

now i got to do a good tune up on the puch maxi S, for it to run this year, cause i have lost control with my honda cub, while doing some off-road trail last year, but damage are small. it will need some care before going back to the road. looking forward for the 2011 moped season, but summer is long to catch up, still cold here.