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Lodewijk Vermeer

De Goorn, Netherlands

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  • 1973 Zündapp KS-50LC
  • 1981 Yamaha FS-1
  • 1972 Yamaha FS-1
  • 1969 Yamaha FS-1
  • 1990 Solex 3800
  • 1961 Magneet Globemaster Deluxe
  • 1972 Kreidler Florett RMC
  • 1971 Honda Z50J
  • 1977 Honda SS50ZE
  • 1960 Berini M21
  • 1963 Batavus Mot'o-Mat
  • 1974 Batavus MK 2
  • Babetta 213

hi my name is lodewijk and i am 26 years old
i own a moped shop with my dad
most of the time we sell newer model scooters and new scooters but somethimes whe get a little piece of istory in our shop ad whe trie to cherise that so that future generations may enjoy this hobby as much as we do

our main interest lies with the yamaha fs1 models whe have over 15 now from the beginners model up to the last one produced and almost al of the color schemes that where available in our country

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