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  • 1980 Yamaha QT50
  • 1984 Puch Maxi S
I am a softmore in high school i love coming home from school every day just to look forward to playing with my toys. i Just resecently got a yamaha QT 50 from my girlfriends aunt . She told me that it didn't run and that it hadn't ran for about two years so i pushed it to my work (dairy Queen) and i had about nine minutes before i had to get to work so i went out side and i thought well let me see if it might start. So i put the key in it and kick started it and it started right up. it sounded like crap so when i went home that night it was about 11:30 and i took the carb off and cleaned it and got new filter and cleaned the gas tank and it has performed like a champ i took it for a ride the next day and i topped out the odometer at 45mph but you see it might be free but you can get anything to work if you have the pashiance and time +money.
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