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  • 1980 Tomos A-3 Bullet
  • 1977 Puch Maxi
  • 1981 Garelli Rally SL
im an old school motor head (46yrs old} I went through about a half dozen peds in my teen years. Vespa-Ciao Motobecane, Jawa, and my friends moms Puch.and worked on all my friends bikes. Several years ago a family friend gave me a pair of 1977 Puch Maxis. The bikes had been sitting in a basement since the late 80's; I was to fix them both up and keep one for my efforts. My moped was done like 3 years ago. HAHA. Last week i dug out number two and cleaned her up and took a parts inventory and started ordering parts online. I guess you never escape the Moped Bug. My next project is i my friends Rizzato which we found a stock piston for in Italy Ebay!!!! It would have been awesome to of had the WWW back in the 80's. 11/04/11 still have not got friend to get the Rizzato project underway but in his defence; he has a 5yr old little boy split custody thing going on.
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