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christian schinwald

Tokyo, Japan

Hello! To be honest, i have been more into my vespa ET3 as my daily ride here in Tokyo for the last few years. Until just a few days ago, when a collector offered me a Puch Maxi Luxe from 1978 he bought about 10 years ago from another collector....long story - to get right to the end, he never found time to repair it, so he decided to get rid of it. Well, me being Austrian, of course i couldn't resist. After all, it was for free and came with papers. I gave it a rough wash yesterday - the result is what you see on the pic. The engine is not running yet - and won't be for a while - but i hope i can bring it back to life again. I am sure i will have lots of questions on how to do what, and would appreciate any help or advice from the experts on this forum. thanks!

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