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I'm somewhat used to travelling by means less conventional having commuted to work on my unicycle for some time.

Recently I bought a 1968 Raliegh Runabout to commute to work on because it would be ideal. Fuel prices in the UK are going through the roof and driving in London takes twice as long as does a moped, then you have to park.

I soon discovered it not to be 100% reliable (not surprising really as it had been in a shed for 20+ years). I put some work into it making it road legal with old style number plates and now its as reliable as anything.

Riding around on my moped you get all sorts of reactions from open ridicule to genuine praise, but that's the situation of a historic moped rider in South London.

A few weeks back my bike was spotted by editorial staff from Two Wheels Only magazine who took a photo shoot of it for their next issue! I'm looking forward to seeing that on my local newsstand.
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