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Levittown, NY

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  • 1978 Pacer Super Sport P-80
  • 1980 Pacer Super Sport
  • 1979 Italtelai Laser
  • 1987 Garelli Monza GT
  • 1985 Garelli Monza GT
My interest in mopeds began in 2004 when my twin brother bought a 1982 Garelli Gran Sport moped. I was fascinated by the machine althoguh never got to ride it as much as I'd liked. It was sold to his co-worker not many months later (then stolen from a local McDonalds.) Years passed And I aquired my own, a 1981? Kamasura (Sachs clone) although never got it running so parted it. My brother got a an imaculate '79 Motobecane, sold that for a BIG Vespa-like scooter which he hardly used. He moved on to motorcycles until he sold them too, but I stayed true to the world of mopeds. I've grown a bit more mechanically inclined, knowledgable and, a parted Intramotor Gloria later, I finally have a 1980 Pacer Super Sport which is my moped of choice. (Also parted a standard 79 Pacer.) I have numerous parts for the Super Sport, just about enough to build a second one and/or completly restore my excistign one imaculately.
I am an artist, nature lover, very into nostalgia and music (especially 80's Hair metal.) I'd love a vintage car, but I don;t have the money or mechanical ability.(my brother's had a few haha.) A nice vintage antique moped is a fun, affordable and safer way to enjoy the thrill of a motorcycle and the satisfaction of vehicle restoration without the super difficult stuff.
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