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Basically I'm interested in functional obsolescence.
I am an artist and lover of all things with engines.
Sometimes I build windmills and floor lamps out of bicycle wheels hub caps and other found objects.
I wanted a Whizzer or other vintage motorbike kit style of motorized bicycle but they were out of my price range, especially the old timers.
I discovered the Chinese engine kits for around $200 per kit and built three bikes.
My favorite was the "barn fresh" 1915 look clip on motor kit bike with home built accents like Oak fenders and brass fuel tank.
My first was the 1955 Schwinn Bobber choper which was L O W.
My last motorbike was a 1920's tool box tanked Mead Crusader "Motorbike" style with a Russian Riga engine.
Sadly all my motorized bicycles have been sold.
Happily the same nice person bought all three of them.
I sold my Motobecane Army custom and so now I am down to a 1981 Honda CX500 project which I got for free.
I have added a Yamaha Riva 125 to the list of small minimalist transport I have owned.
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