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jared yates

Omaha, NE

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  • 1979 J.C. Penney Pinto
  • 1978 Derbi Variant TT

Omaha Dead Possums.

I like to race mopeds and make Tomos riders weep. #fuckmobys

Rally of the corn I
Rally of the corn II: Up in Smoke
Rally of the corn III: Return of the Derbi
Rally of the corn IIII: The Most Annoying Sound
Kalamazoo Moped BBQ: 2009
KMR Moped BBQ 2015
SD The Big Dirty: 2015
Totfest 4 Dummies
Totfest 5: Last Call
MopedGP North: 2016- 1st Place Non-variated
MopedGP West: 2016
MopedGP West: 2017 - 3rd Place Non-variated

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