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Kelly Latta


Charleston, SC


  • 2005 Yamaha
I bought my first scooter over two years ago, and the sweet little bugger has never failed me. I need to learn more about repair in case she ever does.

I'm an aspiring young artist, hoping for opportunities. I sculpt, I solder, I slice, I dice. My specialty is in metals. I used to work in a brass and silver shop, repairing and cleaning antique silver pieces. Now I'm slowly starting to accumulate the materials for my own studio. I'm terribly interested in the arts, art history, culture, music. I'll start going to concerts again one day. I'm pretty damn happy. However, if it weren't for my horse, I never would have spent that year in college. Just give me speedbumps, some charcoal, a mango or two, and as many Beatles albums as you can cram in my pocket and I'm good to go.
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