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  • 1977 Garelli Super Sport XL

i am 16 and got this moped from my neighbors for christmas, when i got it the man that gave it to my neighbor told him all u gotta do is put a newsparkplug on it and itll work. i tried that but it seemed the plug was in perfect shape just the fuel intake was clgged with dirt so i cleaned it out and it started right up. it only hit 15 mph. so i said theirs gotta be something to make it go faster. so i took the air box off the carbuerator and it made it hit 22 mph but it was i little louder. so now i was told that if i take the governor off it will hit 30 mph but i dont know where the governer is, so if someone could help me out by tellin me where the governor is on my moped it would really help me out. thanks a lot

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