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Joost Dane

Rotterdam, Netherlands

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  • 1961 Motom C
  • 1960 Motobecane AV89MB
  • 1967 Mobylette Moby Club
  • 1974 Mobylette AV92
  • 1967 Mobylette AV42
  • 1954 Mobylette AV31
My name is Joost Dane, furnituremaker, born21-08-1962.Have always driven mopeds, since i was 11 years old and i got my mum's old 1954 Mobylette running again.My dad tought me for the most part how to take them apart and put them back together again. Ihave owned peugot's, Garelli's (several),Honda's, Berinni's (The factory was actually situated here in Rotterdam and my dad (He was a painter) even did some paintwork on prototypes for them in the fifties) Some of them i wish i still had and it pains me to think of the gruesome death some of them suffered under my hands, while iwas in my trial an error period. I,ve settled down now with a Kaptein Mobylette type EEG (That name seems to go only for Holland, in other country's it's AV 42. Correct me if i'm wrong). I posted a picture, but it doesn't look like it did originally.But it runs like a charm since i rebuild it and gave the engine a good seeing too. She hybernates in my living room
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