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Well i love mopeds i have had mine for 2 years now. I have tuned it up quite a bit, i have an Aprilia Rally 50 Air Cooled. Firstly i took out the restrictors and got an extra 15 mph. Then i bought a Powerpipe (Technigas) now i can do a massive 70mph!! I also put a sticker kit on it of Wile E Coyote from the Looney Tunes although im about to replace it with a Silkolene sticker kit. it will rock! As soon as i get pics you guys will be the first to see it. Please if anyone knows of any cool parts or add ons i can get please get in contact with me!

BTW-If any of you live in northern ireland and want to go riding out on our mopeds give me a buzz at

My scoot kicks ass!
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